It was an absolute pleasure working with Milk Rebelle. They are a non binary photographer and a model them selves. They did my makeup and let me feel comfortabel in the poses and the things I was wearing. It was far out of my comfortzone to present so femme and a little bit naked. They like to shoot with divers people so if u wanna book a shoot check their website


I saw Milks work through different people’s instagram and decided to ask if they’d want to plan a shoot. They were incredibly easy and pleasant to contact. Arriving there I immediately felt at ease and shooting was lots of fun. They are very comfortable to be around and professional during shooting. The photo’s turned out better than I could have ever imagined! Really hope to be shooting with them again soon!


I found Milk Rebelle on Twitter, and asked if they’d consider photographing a plus size woman, and boy did they! In three hours they captured all of my good sides. If you are looking for a relaxed and fun shooting day, fast editing and AMAZING pictures, Milk Rebelle is the way to go! Easily my best experience with a photographer so far. After publishing the pictures I noticed my business growing and got much more engagement. My self esteem went through the roof. Don’t hestitate, just book them for an amazing experience.

Mistress CatastroV

Milk Rebelle is a very nice and calm photographer. She takes the time to see if everything is good for the picture and does not rush into taking to much. The final edits also came very quick and all my wishes were taken into it. Thanks for the fun shoot!

Alexa Moorre

I had been following Milk Rebelle’s modelling work for a while and when I found out that she is also a gifted photographer, I could not wait to work with her the next time I was in her area! She was very friendly and patient and in an extremely short amount of time we managed to shoot a lot of sets at her small appartment. I was suprised by how fast she editted the photos. I would very much recommend working with her!

Sara Scarlet

I’ve booked my own first photoshoot (boudoir) with Milk. Before we started with the shoot they did my make-up. During the shoot they came across as professional, kind, non-judgmental and adaptable. They have made me feel at ease, even when I was not familiar with boudoir which resulted in beautiful pictures! Post-production got finished almost immediately afterwards. They made sure to ask consent when needed. Overall a well deserved compliment. I would recommend looking through their portfolio and booking them!


I think my new favorite photographer is MilkRebelle ❤️!! The shoot day was super fun and easy. Nothing felt forced which is such a great feeling. So natural. The pictures weren’t overly edited which I definitely love. Plus all the reactions I had on my new pictures are amazing too! If you want a chill day of working with somebody who also is an extremely amazing and fast editor than is MilkRebelle the perfect fit!

Esperanza del Horno

Milk Rebelle is a wonderful photographer who does wonders for your self esteem.
Whether it’s your first time or you have more experience she will make the experience comfortable and delivers the otherworldly photos with lighting speed.
Would very much recommend, even when you are nervous about the style you want to model.


Whenever you are a someone with modeling experience or not, MilkRebelle know what they’re doing and can help you to get the shots you want! After posting pictures from our shoots together, I definitely noticed my business going better. And the pictures are amazing for my self esteem. They’re not overly edited, but they show my best features. I’m a fan. Mark my words: MilkRebelle is going places!

Moira Mona

Work with Milk is amazing!!! She is a very good model herself so she knows poses and knows how it feels sometimes to work behind camera, that’s why the way she communicated is soooo easygoing, also she makes you feels confident about yourself, overall good freaking vibes and experiences ❤️ editing skill also on point and super fast, i feel so pretty with the result and still one of my favorite result ever ❤️❤️

Anna Bee