I regularly work with Milk on her alternative and highly creative ideas. Been working with Milk for more then 3 years now and it’s always a pleasure and with mutual respect. Pre comms are always to the point and reliable. I highly recommend Milkrebelle to any respectfull skilled photographer that is looking for your a-typical alternative model.


Milk Rebelle is one in a million. She is friendly at nature, she has great posing qualities, she is easy to work with and creatively involved in the shoot. The results of our kinky shoot were simply exquisite. And fair is fair, it was a pleasure to work with her. And you know what? I am looking forward to our next shoot!

Juul de Vries

It has been a real privilege to work with Milk Rebelle.
A highly experienced model and amazing to work with!
Milk’s creativity, taste in clothing and stunning poses contributes to the idea we discussed beforehand.
I can only say I hope we’ll work together again in the future.
Highly recommended!

Wesley Lagendijk

Milk came to us back in 2018 as they were known back then as ‘Pepsi Cocaine’. Milk is an alternative model from #amsterdam🇳🇱 and had over 28K followers, but sadly their page was deleted by Instagram 💔 so they had to start from scratch again… We were absolutely honoured that milk wanted to work with us! 
So, Milk has been modeling for us for almost 2 years and they have so much talent and skills it’s crazy! 
I’m always fascinated at how much of a chameleon Milk is and every time they send us photos we are blown away! 

Wilde Mode

Communication befor the shoot was good and Milk Rebelle turned up precise on time at Amersfoort C.S.
The shoot was great I really enjoyed it. M.R was professional, friendly and had “The Look” it was more difficult to take a bad photo than a good one.
I would highly reccommend M.R and I look forward to working with him again.
An intelligent, thoughtful and nice person.

Fine Art Photics

I finally got to work with Milk Rebelle for the second time after over 1½ year.
Exactly as last time, she was super-professional and good fun to work with. 
She poses very natural and professional and together we have made beautiful photos.
I can only say: very highly recommended.
I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity to work with her again.
Thank you so much, Milk Rebelle!


First of all, what a sweet person! such joy to work with. very flowing and positive. 
She’s obviously a pro and it shows by her punctuation, versatility and her calm demeanour.
…and we’ve made killer photos!
Highly recommended!

Ofir Abe

Milk Rebelle is a dream for every photographer to work with. Skilled model, knowing her poses and providing her own make-up at a high standard. She comes with a great wardrobe. Not your average model but creative, friendly and relaxed. Highly recommended!

Ruud Mooi

We had made an appointment in a hotel room in Amsterdam to shoot there. For some reason we had no admittance there. We have necessarily moved to her room. That gave some problems with regard to space. But with some creativity and perseverance we came to fine photographic material. Milk Rebelle is a good, friendly model with a top-notch make-up and good expressions. I was received very nicely. We have worked in a relaxed atmosphere.

It was a useful and pleasant afternoon.

Thank you Milk Rebelle!
Greeting, Louis

Slik Art

Today I had beautiful and creative day with Milk Rebelle. She is professional , very kind , thinking out of the box , beautifull , very good in pre-communication and to the point. We had a good flow to make very creative photos. Thank you , hope to work with you again.