Milk Rebelle

Milk Rebelle is a 21 year old alternative model from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her rebellious attitude towards society includes disregard of gender-norms, being outspoken about LGBTQIA+ rights, and other political topics such as sexism, slut-shaming, r*pe culture, racism and more.

With over 3 years of experience, Milk is a pleasant and relaxed model to work with. She has her own creative projects, where she styles, directs and models herself, to promote fashion or products. She also works as a model who can be booked for your own projects. Whether you want her in front of your lens or if you want her to create artistic content for your social media or website, you can expect a motivated person who has her own imput, but who can also follow direction easily.

She also works as a fetish service provider, ranging from selling kinky content, to in person appointments dominating clients. Milk has experience in the kink scene, regularly goes to parties and she’s also just kinky herself.

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