Publication Nocturnus Magazine

My second publication for nocturnus magazine is out now! It's the third edition of the magazine, featuring my pictures of Rose Morningstar. It's a halloween themed issue. You can purchase the magazine featuring my work here: Buy it here More photos can be found in the magazine

How I’ve learned self-love from photographing others

I’ve been photographing models and clients now for 9 months, and I’ve noticed a big leap in my body-positivity journey. I was wondering why, and once I started dissecting it, I think I have a few answers I want to share with you. Everyone has flaws. Even professional, full-time models have pimples, stretch marks, cellulite … Continue reading How I’ve learned self-love from photographing others

Photoshoot fever

This is the seventh biweekly update, where I show you the shoots I've done in the last two weeks. These two weeks were rather eventful, with lots of shoots and some features and publications. My photos of Kiet Katharsis have been published in Nocturnus Magazine, and my old schoolfriend Maartje has interviewed me. Also another … Continue reading Photoshoot fever

Publication Nocturnus Magazine

My photos of the beautiful model Kiet Katharsis have been published in the first issue of Nocturnus Magazine! "Welcome creatures of the night to our very first NOCTURNUS magazine issue. We are a new vampire/gothic themed magazine that sheds light on dark art, alternative musicians/bands, models, literature, and anything of the sort. We hope you … Continue reading Publication Nocturnus Magazine

What is the point of doing a sexy photoshoot?

I've been getting this question sometimes, or rather, people don't always ask this question but they assume they know the answer already. People who do erotic or boudoir shoots must be sluts, or they are vain. Today I'm going to tell you why that's not the case. Ever since cameras exist, people have been taking … Continue reading What is the point of doing a sexy photoshoot?

Summer Vibes

This is my second bi-weekly post, talking about the shoots i've done in the last two weeks! I have taken some awesome photos so enjoy. The weather here has gotten so nice, I had to get out there with my models and create some outdoors pictures as well as the usual inside photos. When summer's … Continue reading Summer Vibes