Taking it easy

This is the 9th biweekly blogpost, and like I told you in the last one, I took a trip to Lille. I didn't do any shoots there, and when I came home I didn't do as many as I usually do to take it a bit easier for a while. I've still done 7 shoots … Continue reading Taking it easy

Vacation Time

After this 8th biweekly update I will be going on a short vacation to Lille, which is why this post is a few days early. I've done so much in the last few months, I definitely deserve a little break. See what shoots I've done in the past two weeks in this blogpost! It's been … Continue reading Vacation Time

Photoshoot fever

This is the seventh biweekly update, where I show you the shoots I've done in the last two weeks. These two weeks were rather eventful, with lots of shoots and some features and publications. My photos of Kiet Katharsis have been published in Nocturnus Magazine, and my old schoolfriend Maartje has interviewed me. Also another … Continue reading Photoshoot fever

Sad Summer

Every two weeks I write a blog post updating you on all the shoots I've done since the last one. I've done seven in total in the last two weeks, and I'm very excited to show you! This is the sixth biweekly update. I'm less excited about the weather though, it's been more like autumn … Continue reading Sad Summer

Birthday Break

Every two weeks I write a blog post about all the shoots I've done in the last two weeks. This is the fifth one. On the 16th it was actually my 23rd birthday, so I planned to take a few days off. But I'm really bad at that nowadays so that didn't really happen... But, … Continue reading Birthday Break

July insanity

This is the fourth blog post of a series of posts I write every other week. In these posts I tell you about the shoots I've done the last two weeks. This month has started off with a bang, as I've done a lot of fun photoshoots! In the last bi-weekly post I didn't have … Continue reading July insanity

Calm before the storm

I am writing a bi-weekly blog about the last two weeks and the shoots I've done in that time. This is the third of those uploads. These two weeks have been great, and I've taken some great pictures! I didn't do as many shoots as usual though, because of a lot of last-minute cancellations. So … Continue reading Calm before the storm

Summer Vibes

This is my second bi-weekly post, talking about the shoots i've done in the last two weeks! I have taken some awesome photos so enjoy. The weather here has gotten so nice, I had to get out there with my models and create some outdoors pictures as well as the usual inside photos. When summer's … Continue reading Summer Vibes

Photoshoot Madness

I have decided I will be writing a bi-weekly post, talking about whatever I want to and showing a brief overview of the shoots I've done in the last two weeks. This one will be mostly about recent updates, and of course showing off my work. A little bragging doesn't hurt, does it? As you … Continue reading Photoshoot Madness