New videos feat. Goddess Kisaku

From June 19th to the 22nd I had the pleasure of having Goddess Kisaku over to shoot content with. Now all videos we made have launched so I thought I’d make an overview of them.

Where to get the videos:

You can email me and I’ll send you a short teaser of the video. Please specify which video you’re interested in so I can send you the right trailer video.

1. A Smoking Break

“Goddess Kisaku and I seduce you with our inhales and exhales. Watch us smoke our cigarettes in these sexy shiny dresses.”
Duration: 3:20
Price: €20 (or €15 on Onlyfans)

2. Punk Leather Lesbians Fingering

“Two punks dressed in leather make out and I, Mxtress Milk get the honor to finger Goddess Kisaku cute pussy and make her moan like crazy”
Duration: 06:05
Price: €25 (or €20 on Onlyfans)

3. Lesbian Dommes Play with their Feet

“Watch these two femdommes play and rub with their feet. Worship us whilst drool is dripping down your chin. I have bare feet, and Goddess Kisaku has her perfect feet wrapped in delicious stockings.”
Duration: 05:26
Price: €20 (or €15 on Onlyfans)

4. Milk Rebelle teaches Student a Lesson

“Such naughty underwear! That deserves punishment little girl. Spanking and fingerfucking for this bad, bad, student Goddess Kisaku”
Duration: 12:52
Price: €25 (or €20 on Onlyfans)

5. Milk Rebelle eats Goddess Kisaku’s pussy

“Pussy eating and fingering, Mxtress Milk does everything to make Goddess Kisaku squeel and moan.”
Duration: 04:25
Price: €25 (or €20 on Onlyfans)

6. Fucking Kisaku wth my Strap-on

“Milk Rebelle knows how to fuck, just listen to Goddess Kisaku’s moans and that’s a sure thing. 8+ minutes of sexy lesbian strap-on action. Now that’s hot.”
Duration: 08:58
Price: €25 (or €20 on Onlyfans)

Do you have a specific idea you want Goddess kisaku and Milk Rebelle to perform in a video? email or contact me and we might be able to make it happen in the future.