Hi there! I have some amazing news. I finally caved and made an OnlyFans. If you don’t know what it is, OnlyFans is like a social media but you have to pay a fee to subscribe to the content creator, in order to see their posts. They are sexwork friendly, so you can post nudity etc there as well!

Personally I have decided I will not be focusing on nudity or “pornographic” content, but on fetish content. As a brat I have both a dominant and submissive side, and on my OnlyFans I will be making content focused on my domme side, aka Mxtress Milk.

My monthly fee is $5, but I’m running a start-up discount. The first 10 subscribers get 25% off, and as of the moment I’m writing this, there’s still 4 spots left! So hurry over to to subscribe to daily content, exclusive photosets and videos, videos that are usually paid are now free on onlyfans, and a special one: singing videos.

Every weekend I’ll be uploading a video where I sing a song in lingerie, kinky attire, or … NAKED!! What it will be each week is a surprise. But if you like the idea go on over and give me a follow! You won’t regret it ;)

This is an example of exclusive photosets published on OnlyFans. On OnlyFans there are 9 photos in this set, but you get the idea, I can’t give it all for free now can I ;) Some will contain more nudity, some will be focused on kink or bdsm, and some will also be with a slave, once the quarantine is over that is…