New Reduced Prices!

Whether you’re interested in a custom photoset, custom videoclip or private video call, I am happy to announce I now have set up new packages. They are a bit more complicated than my old prices though, but they definitely make more sense.

You now choose one of four packages. If you want fully visible nudity you pay an extra fee on top of the base price. Nudity is something I didn’t offer before! Also, if you ordered a photoset or clip, you can choose to have it be exclusive, so I’d not be allowed to share/sell it elsewhere. In that case you’d also have to pay an extra fee. I chose to do it this way so I don’t have to make the whole price higher for everyone, because these extras should be optional.

My new price lists:

You can purchase a package from milk rebelle’s official store, or contact me directly by using the form below: