Behind The Scenes – Shooting with Vince Voltage

This weekend I flew over to Stuttgart, a city in the south of Germany, to meet and work with the Digital Art Jesus, aka Vince Voltage. I got to work with him as model for 3 of his projects: Kink, Neo Dark Art and Raw Edge.

Friday – April 26th 2019

It started off on 4am, April 26th, Amsterdam. That was the time I had to wake up. Not my cup of tea. But I made it work with a cup of energy drink. Took an early bus to Schiphol Airport, and before I knew it I arrived in Stuttgart around 9:15AM. Wanted to walk out of the terminal door into the central hall and…. OH.

A customs officer came up to me with his badge. If I could come with him into a weird room. Alright. He proceeded to ask me what I was doing, where I’m from, who I’m visiting and so on. I explained I was there to make art with an amazing photographer, and I’d go back on Sunday. Did I frequently use drugs? Did I have drugs with me? ….No? He then thought he should check all of my stuff. My handbag and my suitcase were both subject to his nosy little hands. Imagine his face when he opened my suitcase and he found 15cm high platform boots, leather harnesses and many more BDSM wearables.

Was I visiting my boyfriend? Was I there to “make money”? Who paid for my ticket? Do I get paid for my weekend at the photographer’s place? The customs guy certainly suggested I was a hooker of some sorts. HOW FUN. After more accusations, aggressive questioning, drugtests and a too extensive patting down I was finally let go.

So it was time for me to explore Stuttgart! I walked around the city, had some cheesecake and went to see Dumbo in the cinema. At 6:30PM Vince and I met up at Blockhouse, where we got to know each other over a nice dinner. And then he showed me his studio, and his home. We talked about ideas and made some plans for our shoot over a Desperados beer and it was time to head to bed!

Saturday – April 27th 2019

The day of the shoot! We woke up at 8:30, got dressed and Vince went for a jog while I applied my base makeup. When he was back we drove to his studio, which was very close to his home. He went to the gym while I did the rest of my makeup. When he came back, 3 more people arrived as well! Another artist, a makeup artist and an aspiring plus-size model. We got to know each other, and Shiva, the makeup artist fixed up my makeup a bit and it was time to start! We also had a male model called Bernie Bizarre join the ranks.

We did around 10 different looks and we shot between noon and 11PM, with a nice Thai take-out in between. Then Vince and I got to his house, I took a good shower, and we looked at the raw images to make a 1st selection. And at 1:30AM it was time to go asleep again!

sunday – april 28th 2019

At 7:30 my alarm went off, we still had to shoot one more set! So I put on my makeup, packed all of my stuff and we got a cappuccino in a local bakery. Then we shot a few images at his studio, and Vince drove me to the Airport. This time I had no security problems luckily. So at 15:45 I safely arrived back in Amsterdam, where my boyfriend was waiting for me to take the bus home with me!

I’d love to thank Vince, Ella, Shiva and Bernie for this amazing time. This weekend was full of creativity, fun and hard work, and I can’t wait to see what the end result will look like. If you’re interested in Vince Voltage’s work, you can check it out on his Instagram pages: @vince_voltage, and @raw_edge_by_vince_voltage. You can also visit his website, or go to his exhibitions in Vancouver, München or Stüttgart, the dates you can find on his facebook page.